Self-Adhesive Department

Due to high demand for adhesive labels, Avvo maintains a strong position amongst top players in the industry. With a client base of approximately 700 customers, their adhesive department operates at optimal levels servicing many customers in a day with emphasis placed on quality. Avvo labels boasts a total of 5 multi-coloured printing machines ranging from a 3coulor Mark Andy to 8 colour Nilpeter FA Line Press.

Barcoded labels are printed via a Paccom Press dedicated to barcodes only. Barcode verifiers are available to the printer to confirm clarity and scan percentages. Quality controllers ensure that colour specifications and print quality are maintained throughout the printing process. Special job cards have to be completed by the printer himself before and after printing ensuring that the possibility of mistakes are eliminated completely.

Garment Department

With 4 tickopress machines and a four colour machine, Avvo is able to deliver a minimum of 400 000 labels daily to various customers. Due to our excellent service and timeous deliveries, we have built up a respectable clientele of approximately 200 customers. Our competent staffs ensure that labels are dried thoroughly before being cut, packed and dispatched.

Thermal Department

This is a process whereby self-adhesive labels are printed using heat and thermal ribbons with the use of a thermal transfer printer. Avvo Labels also repair, service and market many models of thermal printers and consumables.

Repro Department

Avvo Labels is equipped with a full in house repro team who are tasked with the designing of labels, together with producing the polymer plates. This allows the production team to easily control the amount of labels produced. Plates are produced overnight, therefore decreasing the lead time. Quality controllers perform a thorough inspection of the polymer plates before final printing is executed.